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Venus into Gemini

Venus moves into Gemini today, July 5 at 10:11 am AEST where it will reside until August 1. Here’s my take on how it may express in the hat sign
The way to the heart of Venus in Gemini is through the head. Simply put, they love to talk, though to tell the truth, which they don’t always do, there is rarely anything simple about those with this placement. Complex, two-sided, with a tendency to be split is more like it. However, a great sense of humour, diverse interests, and many and varied social connections are just some of the gifts they have to offer potential playmates. Intellectual and verbal rapport are essential if an attraction is to grow into anything more. For some, gossip, as in who’s doing what with whom, when, where and how forms the core of that rapport, while for others it’s witty and learned repartee, or intelligent conversation about the latest book, movie, or issues of the day. Their need for variety, freedom of movement, and a good flirt can make it difficult to sustain lasting relationships.

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