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Sun conjunct Mars in Leo Thursday July 27, exact at 10:56 am AEST

Sun conjunct Mars in Leo Thursday July 27, exact at 10:56 am AEST
To begin, here’s the planetary powers associated with the Sun and Mars planetary archetypes, followed by three planetary prose poems excerpted from my book The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods. This should give you an idea of the energies in play with this uber masculine planetary conjunction. The first Sun script gives the deeper significance of the Sun archetype while the second is more playful. I sometimes give the second one to people who are lacking in fire in my Astro-Drama groups to extend them and bring them out of themselves, the idea being to give them an actual experience of fire energy. It is important that they enjoy themselves as they give voice to it in order to experientially understand how [Leo] fire energy works. The Mars script embodies the Hero side of Mars.
If you would like to know where this conjunction is occurring in your own chart and it’s significance for you I will offer a 20% discount off my normal reading fee if booked in the next 24 hours. Message me if interested.
Sun: the light of consciousness, life giving warmth and vitality, generosity of spirit, joie de vivre, will, power, energy, an integrated sense of self, ability to hold centre, presence, charisma, life direction and purpose 
Mars: to know what you want and how to get it, leadership, courage, drive, initiative, ‘juice’, daring, ability to live on the edge, to take risks, to live dangerously, to stand up for yourself, to tackle the hard stuff, heroism
I am the call of destiny heard from within

Calling on you to become yourself

To become all you can be

To fulfill your potential, realize yourself
What more can you give than this ?

And give generously

Sing your song, shine your light

Your individual flowering fulfills the greater design
Stand alone if that must be

Don’t be put off by others envy or your own self doubt

Don’t play small, heed the call

Be yourself, you know you must

Authentic, special, unique
If you refuse destiny’s call there is a price to pay

I will curse you with the torment of an unlived self

Feelings of failure, guilt and remorse

Knowing you could be, should be, so much more
What a waste, a disgrace to the self

Wake up to your self !

Wake up and roar !

You’re a lion not a sheep

You are a creator

The creator of your own life

And this, is the great work of art
I am a Star !

 The centre and heart of the entire solar system

The source of all light and energy

All life depends on Me !
I am the light of consciousness

Shining brilliant and bright

Energy in motion, a constant delight
And I shine unconditionally

On saint and sinner alike

Am I not deserving of praise and admiration ?
Honour me and I will bless you

With a joyful heart and love of life

Energy, vitality, creativity

Vibrance, passion, intensity

Commanding presence, ability to lead

Nobility, power, and dignity
Yes, I am special
Yes, I am the greatest
Yes, I am the biggest 
The biggest and the best
Yes – I – Am !
I’m the god of war and passion

A god with fire in the belly

I know what I want and I know how to get it

I want you – I want your sex !

I’m a hunter

A hunter in the wilds of desire

A wolf who runs with women

A woman who runs with the wolves

I’ve got the power !

The power to turn you on

I’m a warrior, a leader, a pioneer

A noble knight with a lion’s heart

A hero with a thousand faces

I take on the hard stuff

I voyage alone into the unknown

Fight for peace to protect the weak 

Take you on adventures beyond the stars

Thrill you with deeds of danger and passion

What more could anyone ask ?

In truth

I’m a peaceful warrior

A martial artist of grace and power

The master of my self

I give you strength and courage

The strength to face your fears

The courage to be yourself

Honour me, and I will grant you

Victory, success, fame and acclaim 

Ho !

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