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Libra Equinox

Equal Day and Equal Night! 
Libra Equinox occurs at 6:03 am today, Saturday September 23 AEST. Here’s the chart set for Byron Bay.
Libra is the sign of balance, beauty, and relationship; proportion; equilibrium; peace, love and harmony; fairness and justice. And couldn’t we all do with more of these Libran qualities at this time as once again the war drums are beating loudly, and the Libran virtues of diplomacy and tact are notably absent in the nuclear mind games being conducted by Trump and Kim Jong-un. 
Here’s some favourite quotes to evoke the essence of Libra
“The way is perfect like vast space, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess” – The Book of Nothing 
 “Life is relationship. To be is to be related, and without relationship there is no life” – J. Krishnamurti
“Aloneness is the presence of oneself; loneliness is absence of the other”

 – Osho                                                                                   
“Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. That is all you know on earth and all you need to know” – Jonathan Keats
“The purpose of life is to be at peace, to love all beings and to know who you are” – Papaji [Sun sign Libra]

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