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Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty. To celebrate the advent of Libra season here’s a planetary prose poem in honor of Venus excerpted from my book The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods. If you would like a reading focused on how Venus functions in your own chart – its sign, house and the aspects it makes to other planets – plus the present and upcoming transits it is making and receiving, I will offer 20% off my usual fee if booked and paid for this weekend. 
I’m the Goddess of Love and Beauty 

Aphrodite, Ishtar, Eros and Psyche

La femme inspiratrice 

Sensuous, sensual, an erotic delight
Come, let me be your lover tonight 

Come, taste the nectar of bliss in my kiss

Come, I’ll teach you the arts of love ..
Forgive me if I tease, my aim is to please

To bring us together, my greatest pleasure
I love harmony, balance, to give and receive

Refinement, ease, luxury, good taste

Style, charm, elegance and grace

Most of all though, I love love 
Yes, love is what I live for, love is who I am

My greatest joy is just to love and be loved in return 

Though please be aware

I am true to love, not always to a lover

For love itself is my beloved

So, although I may marry my love always remains free

Ready to take flight if I am not honoured

I belong to no one, I am whole in myself
 “Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty 

That is all you know on earth and all you need to know”
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So mirror, mirror on the wall

Please show me I’m the fairest of all

For I can’t be truly happy unless I look and feel beautiful 

At least to my own eyes and those of my beloved
And please feel free to flatter me 

It appeals to my vanity

And just might get you everywhere ..
My sexuality is precious to me

In ancient, more enlightened times

I was honoured as a sacred prostitute 

Who initiated neophytes into the arts of love

Today, I’m profaned as merely promiscuous

But I don’t allow that to influence me

Because I know my own worth and power
Indeed, I am powerful beyond measure 

  Because my love, sexual love 

Is the most powerful force on heaven or earth

Honour me if you are wise

For I can unite or break hearts

If I so choose
And finally I would like to say

That although I may achieve fame 

As an artist, movie star, singer or dancer

In my truest, deepest essence, I’m a lover

Devoted to love – body, heart, and soul

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