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Full Moon Aries Oct 6 2017

Brief Astro-Update: Full Moon Aries, Friday Morning, 5:41 am, Oct 6 AEDT
A Full Moon occurs when the Moon exactly opposes the Sun. Therefore when the Moon is full in Aries, the Sun is in Libra. Aries is the sign of ‘me’ and Libra the sign of ‘we’. So this lunation presents three options on how to do the relationship dance – or not: 
Independence (Aries tendency)

Co-dependence (Libra tendency)

Inter-dependence Aries / Libra integrated
Further, Aries is ruled by Mars the god of war and passion, and Libra is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and beauty. Put very simply, Mars is sex and Venus is love. Now here’s where things get interesting because just before the waxing Moon becomes full, Venus joins with Mars in exact conjunction at 2:53 am AEDT. The zodiac degree that marks the spot is 19 degrees Virgo. So, in accord with the hermetic maxim As Above So Below this is a wonderful time for lovers [and by that I include everyone with love in their hearts, whether single or in relationship] to unite within and without and co-create their true heart’s desire.
(If you would like a reading to explore all this in greater depth and to find out how this is activating your own chart and life, I will offer 20% off my normal fee if booked and paid for in the next 48 hours)

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