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Astro-Update Oct 10 2017: Jupiter enters Scorpio

The big astrological news is Jupiter’s move out of Libra and entry into Scorpio tonight, at 11:20 pm AEDT. It will remain there until Nov 8 2018. Jupiter is the planet of higher mind, wisdom and understanding, and generally stays a year or so in a sign. Libra is the sign of the good, the true and the beautiful, whereas Scorpio is the sign of the deep, the dark and the intense. So Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio is a propitious time to shine the light of understanding into the hidden, mysterious depths of the psyche. Jung’s oft quoted aphorism “We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” sets the stage for the year ahead. 
I will be writing much more on this theme in coming days, but to get started here is an amplification of the archetype of Jupiter that I use when teaching Astrology. Jupiter, aka Zeus, the king of the gods, lives on the mountain heights, which readily affords him a big picture overview, will now direct his telescopic eye into Scorpio’s realm, a hidden, private or secluded realm most often veiled from public view .. Intrepid voyagers of inner space read on to gain a sense of the adjustment Jupiter will be required to make when domiciled in Scorpio’s underworld ..

Jupiter [Ruler of Sagittarius]
– expands, inflates, goes over the top, exaggerates

  • elevates, inspires, e.g Beethoven, aspires, reaches for the sky, over reaches [cf the myth of Icarus]

  • assists, encourages, benefits, rewards, donates, gives generously

  • travels – physically and/or mentally; loves adventure, exploring, the wide open spaces, foreign countries, exotic cultures; higher education, esp. philosophy, anthropology, theology

 – speculates, gambles, takes risks – eg on horse racing, the stock market, entrepreneurial ventures, esp. in casinos,[Jupiter’s Casino] show biz, tourism, sport, e.g Bob Hawke, Kerry Packer      

  • orates, motivates, inspires, e.g Winston Churchill 

  • teaches, preaches, proselytizes, evangelizes – e.g Billy Graham [4 planets in Sag]

 – gives discourse, ‘satsang’ e.g Osho [Bhagwan Sree Rajneesh]

  • uses big words, quotes authorities, pontificates – about life, the universe and everything;

  • knows everything, won’t be told anything, a ‘know all’ ..

  • can be pompous, self important, arrogant, righteous, militant; a bigot, zealot, crusader

 – believes, trusts, has faith; looks on the bright side of things, is a born optimist, is

‘happy go lucky’ – ‘she’ll be right mate’, ‘it all works out in the end’, ‘what will be, will be’ ..

  • bestows wealth, happiness and wisdom, luck and good fortune, the attitude of gratitude, prosperity consciousness

  • synthesizes, looks for the ‘pattern that connects’, sees the big picture, formulates the grand overview  

  • tells stories, never lets a fact stand in the way of a good story, teaches through stories, parables e.g Jane Austen, Mark Twain, C.S Lewis, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg

  • is jovial, good humored, tells jokes, laughs e.g Woody Allen

  • is tolerant, humane, generous, inclusive 

  • a legend of his own mind, a mythologist e.g. Joseph Campbell [Sun conjunct Jupiter)

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