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Jupiter’s Transit Through Scorpio

Jupiter is now going to deploy his archetypal lens to view life through the prism of Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac, for the next year or so. Read on to see how that might play out
For those with Letter 8 emphasis, (which is given by planets in Scorpio, the 8th house, or a prominent Pluto placement) making the darkness conscious will form the core of their life’s work. The path of destiny will necessitate spending time in the underworld of the psyche traversing the badlands of rage, lust, compulsive obsession and the black dog of depression in order to free themselves from unconscious complexes that sabotage the achievement of sexual healing, deep intimacy, and the attainment of joint goals.
 An end to the war within through forgiveness and atonement is sure to be sought at fateful turning points. Along the way power battles and intense experiences of love and hate and triumph and despair are sure to be encountered in the bedroom, the work place, and, for some still repaying karmic debts, in the family law court or on the therapist’s couch. Breath work, past life regression, shamanic soul retrieval, or even a near-death-experience may prove valuable on the healing journey. 

Some will be professionally or personally psychic, able to discern the secrets of destiny and the mysteries of fate, and many more will consult such professionals to get information on loved ones who have passed over, or the outcome of illicit affairs, or to try to get to the root cause of a dysfunctional pattern or a life threatening disease. 
Always the same theme of bringing light to the hidden, forbidden, ugly and rejected.

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