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Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, enters Scorpio today, Tuesday October 17 at 5:58 pm AEDT where it will reside until Nov 6. Here’s my take on how it may expres when in that sign
Mercury in Scorpio produces a deep and penetrating intellect combined with a strong intuition and what may be termed x ray vision. Digging up meaphorical dirt and a nose for smelling bullshit are natural strengths, but a fascination with the mysteries and power plays surrounding sex, death and money may degenerate into compulsive obsession. On the other hand, this Mercury has a capacity to feel or sense things about people and events which they cannot rationally explain, but which nevertheless prove to be accurate, or come to pass. People with this placement see through the games people play, and are naturally adept at exposing the shadowy yet all-too-human motivations that underlie polite surface behaviour. Thus they make excellent therapists, the influential ‘anti-psychiatrist’ R.D. Laing being an inspiring example. Forensic and research work of all kinds benefits from this placement, as does medicine, insurance and financial planning. Their communication style is to tell it as they see it, often using crude or cutting language, or to keep their mouth shut and say nothing. Which option is best in any given situation is often difficult to know, for if they speak their mind they may cause hurt or offence, but if they keep their counsel, an uncomfortable silence can descend, which at worst can poison the atmosphere and destroy a hitherto happy occasion.

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