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Oct 18 Astro-Update: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 

Message from Down Under the Starry Heavens Above to all members of the Star Earth Tribe, aka Earthlings, as channeled by the Kanguru from Oz. 

Astronauts of inner space 

Adventurers in consciousness

Let us unite

We are all made from the stuff of Stars!

I woke up this morning musing on today’s Mercury conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, which perfects at 6:54 pm this evening AEDT. This union of the planet of mind and communication, Mercury, with the guru planet of higher mind and understanding, Jupiter, led my mind, as it is wont to do, because these two planets are aligned in my own chart, on a search for culturally influential people with this aspect prominent in their charts. The memory banks of my bio-computer first suggested science fiction writer Jules Verne, author of Around the World in 80 Days and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and secondly to astronomer and inspirational science writer Carl Sagan, author of the book and TV series Cosmos. These two came to mind because Mercury and Jupiter combined is a prominent signature of writers and Scorpio is the sign of intrepid explorers of mysteries and dimensions beyond the known – especially if combined with adventurous Sagittarius and ‘out there’ Aquarius. Turns out both writers have all three signs prominent in their charts, with Sagan having the exact same conjunction, whilst Verne has them in a wide square aspect, Mercury being in Aquarius and Jupiter in Scorpio, closely conjunct his Moon.
Sagan in particular yielded gold with many evocative inspirational quotes and memes readily available from a quick Google search
And this aspect occurring the day after the astronomical breakthrough of ‘seeing’ for the first time the collision of neutron stars is no doubt serendipitously and synchronistically inspiring awe-some reflections in many an earthling!

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