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Uranian Libra New Moon

Here is the chart for the shake up/ wake up New Moon in Libra set for Byron Bay at 6:13 am Friday Oct 20 AEDT. 
Come along to tonight’s Temple Byron Astrology Group if you would like to know what this Uranian influenced lunation signifies and portends, both collectively and for you personally.
To get a sense of what ‘Uranus influenced’ means here’s an overview of the Uranus archetype that I use when teaching astrology
– awakens, enlightens, illumines, ignites flashes of insight, reveals – the clear light of truth
– the aha experience – as in suddenly getting a joke, solving a problem, seeing the pattern that connects, the synchronicity of life events and astrological transits, the embedded image in a 3D picture, etc
– electrifies, sparks, flashes, zaps, shocks, excites, surprises
– unpredictably turns on and off; abruptly separates, cuts off, leaves – ‘I’m out of here’
– shakes up, unsettles, disrupts, destabilizes
– frees from conditioning, from Saturnian limitations; from the known, the safe and the familiar
– experiments with alternative ways of living, e.g. in communes, tribes, same sex relationships, etc

or may live alone, or with others on the same wavelength, in isolated, extreme or unusual environments, e.g the circus, a rock ‘n roll band on the road, Antartic research station, Space, etc
– challenges the status quo, rebels, revolts, disrupts, stirs the winds of change

  • goes out on a limb, stands against the crowd, the system, society, against discrimination

fights for individual rights, for liberty, equality, fraternity; e.g. Gandhi

‘turns on, tunes in, drops out’ e.g Timothy Leary
– the outsider, the ‘black sheep’ in the family, the one who doesn’t fit in, doesn’t belong

  • a loner, detached, unrelated, alienated; ‘a rider on the edge’, ‘on his own trip’
  • is weird, bizarre, outrageous, grotesque, shocking; maybe labeled mad, insane, crazy
  • different, original, unique, one of a kind
  • is a light unto himself, follows his own path, insists on personal freedom, independence, autonomy
  • is ahead of his time, brilliant, highly intelligent, exceptionally gifted, a genius, e.g. Mozart
  • opens a ‘crack in the cosmic egg’, windows into alternative realities, different ways of seeing things
  • is a tech head, a nerd, geek, cybernaut; gets wired, needs constant stimulation,

needs earthing to prevent spinning out, ‘losing it’, having a nervous breakdown
– is ‘cool’, hip, modern, post modern; delivers the latest rave, in the latest style, in the hottest medium

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