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New Moon Scorpio: A kairotic time to reflect on life and death

New Moon Scorpio Nov 18 2017
In the universal round of life and death, somewhere something or someone is dying, and likewise something or someone is being born. This could be for a moment or a lifetime.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the universal round. Each beginning an end, each end a beginning, anything born will die. 
Individual forms arise and subside into the formless, just as individual waves arise and subside into the oceanic waters which gave them birth. And at no time is an individual wave separate from the ocean from which it arose and into which it will dissolve ..
“Asking what happens when we die is like asking what happens to your lap when you stand up” 

  • Alan Watts
    Where do we go when we die = Where were we before we were born?
    “Everybody wants to to go to heaven but no-one wants to die”
    The secret to life is to learn how to die before you die.
    Who dies? 
    Who is asking the question?
    Dropping the philosophy, and cutting to the existential chase, I know when I was with my much loved mother in her last days, (which occurred around the time of my Chiron Return in Scorpio) thoughts and words were superfluous as the deepest, saddest, sweetest love flowed between us in silent communion. It was clear to me, then and now, I know nothing of death and the beyond. Not really. Not truly. Nor do I have faith or strong belief or conviction. Death remains for me a mystery ..

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