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Sagittarius Season

Tis the season of fire sign Sagittarius, and with Jupiter the ruling planet of the sign in it’s own sign in my birth chart I’m certainly feeling the philosophical rush. This morning I’m on a visionary poet William Blake kick, (he being a super Sagittarian, born with his Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius), feasting on his wonderful poem Auguries of Innocence. Here’s the final stanzas:
“Every Night & every Morn 

Some to Misery are Born 

Every Morn and every Night 

Some are Born to sweet delight 

Some are Born to sweet delight 

Some are Born to Endless Night 

We are led to Believe a Lie 

When we see not Thro the Eye 

Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night 

When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light 

God Appears & God is Light 

To those poor Souls who dwell in Night 

But does a Human Form Display 

To those who Dwell in Realms of day”

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