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Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus enters Sagittarius today Friday Dec 1 at 7:14 pm AEDT where it will reside until Xmas Day Dec 25. Here’s my take on how it may express in that sign
Venus in Sagittarius produces exuberant freedom lovers who say yes to life and so life says yes to them. They love a good laugh, telling stories, travel, other cultures, and to ‘rave’, or should I say, discourse about their latest adventure. Some are over-the-top, party hard extraverts who always seem to know where the action is, while others are sporty or outdoors types who like physical exercise and the wide-open spaces. Still others are cultural opinionistas like the out-spoken feminist Germane Greer, [Sun sign Aquarius], whose idea of a good time is to engage in lively and learned debate about the leading issues of the times. 
In a relationship, Sagittarian Venus people zealously maintain their individual identity, need a lot of space, and like to take holidays alone now and then. Positively, they are open and honest in the expression of their feelings, though perhaps to a fault, tact and sensitivity not being their strong point. So don’t ask if they love you if you can’t handle hearing the truth!”

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