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A Neptunian Gemini Full Moon

This is a Neptunian Full Moon
Neptune in it’s home sign Pisces is colouring today’s Sun Sagittarius / Gemini Full Moon, being the focal planet of a tight T square involving the Sun opposing the Moon both square Neptune, all three at 11 degrees. See if this amplification evokes your experience at this experientially multi-dimensional time.

  • enchants, entrances, beguiles, glamorizes, romanticizes; refines, sensitizes, idealizes, spiritualizes

  • fantasises, dreams, lives in a dream world, in the world of imagination

  – sees visions, is a visionary, a poet e.g William Blake –

  ‘to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower’ or 

  ‘if the doors of perception were cleansed, we would see reality as it is .. infinite’ 

   e.g Martin Luther King “I have a dream ..” [Moon / Venus in Pisces]
– weaves the web of maya, of illusion; confuses, distorts, conceals; sees apparitions, hallucinates    

  • deceives / is easily deceived, self-deceives, sees what it wants to see

  • gets hurt, let down, disappointed, disillusioned .. may turn cynical, hard, embittered

  • serves, suffers, redeems, atones, gets crucified; victim / saviour / martyr syndrome

  cf Story of Jesus, prime myth of the Piscean Age
– cares, sympathizes, empathizes, takes on, identifies – esp. with pain, suffering, sadness
– escapes, evades; collapses, opts out; can’t cope, can’t keep it together 

  • becomes dependent, co-dependent, addicted; pathetic, parasitic, passive, unable to act
  • has difficulty drawing the line, defining boundaries – “just one more wouldn’t hurt, would it?”
  • has to ‘get out of it to get into it’, whether through drugs, meditation, nature, etc
  • lives for love, may become a slave to love, a love junkie, 

  cf the songs ‘Love is the drug’, ‘Addicted to love”, 

  cf the story of Tristan and Iseult

  • or a junkie plain and simple 

  • or a drunk – ‘thirsting for the spirit’, using drink to escape from pain

  • longs for a dream lover, a soul mate, for unconditional love;

  to be taken care of, to be looked after
– dives deep, gets lost, then may ‘freak out’ and go into panic
– doesn’t like to be defined or pinned down; likes to be free to ‘go with the flow’ 
– seeks spaces and places of magic and mystery


  • expresses through image, music, dance and poetry rather than words; 

  can be very creative and inspired
– takes life as a ‘lila’, as a play of the divine, is a natural mystic
– dissolves, melts, merges, disappears …. into silence

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