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Osho: An archetypical Sagittarian

Dec 11, is the birthday of Osho, born 1931. To honour that, here’s a piece I’ve previously posted to demonstrate that he was an archetypical Sun sign Sagittarius. Indian spiritual master Osho, [initially known as Bhagwan, or Rajneesh] qualifies as an archetypical Sagittarian. Take these classic traits for example – insistence on personal freedom, passion … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Sagittarius: Telling It Like It Is

The character of the pre-Christmas time period from late November through December, is reflective of the personality of fire sign Sagittarius. Life speeds up, excitement and anticipation are in the air, holidays and freedom are just around the corner. Whoopee! It’s time to party hard and indulge to excess. If in doubt, say yes, says … Continue reading

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Sagittarius as the sign of Travel

Sagittarians love to travel, whether mentally into the higher reaches of the mind or physically around the planet in search of their particular version of the Holy Grail. Intellectual Sagittarian travellers are typically attracted to literature, philosophy, theology and anthropology, subjects where they can take inspiration from the many influential exemplars from their own sign, … Continue reading