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The Shadow of Sagittarius: Telling It Like It Is

The character of the pre-Christmas time period from late November through December, is reflective of the personality of fire sign Sagittarius. Life speeds up, excitement and anticipation are in the air, holidays and freedom are just around the corner. Whoopee! It’s time to party hard and indulge to excess. If in doubt, say yes, says Sagittarius. 
“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” – William Blake


Yes to another drink indeed. And as intoxication mounts and conversations become louder, before you know it you’re shouting to make yourself heard above the strident voice of the friend opposite who is insistently pointing his finger at you to make a telling point in the great debate as to who will win the next election, or Oscar, or Booker prize; or who or what is the best writer, tennis player, racing horse, or country; or whether real estate prices have peaked yet; or where is the best place to hang glide or party; or what is the real significance of Nostradamus’ prophecies; and of course the really big issues, like the God Delusion, life after death, and the meaning of life, etc, etc. 
“Do not search for the truth, only cease to hold opinions” – Sosan


In fact, name any topic of significance where solid facts are difficult to come by, especially those pertaining to the future, and Sagittarius will have an opinion about it. Sagittarius, if you think that’s an exaggeration, I would argue that when writing about you I have poetic licence to not only exaggerate, but also a duty – if I am to be true to you – to not let a mere fact stand in the way of a good story or telling debating point. And just like you, I will go on as long I like. 


“The fool does think himself wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool” – Shakespeare
Furthermore, [always further and more with Sagittarius] I contend there are more Sagittarian graduates of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ school than any other sign. Such types fail to inspire as parents and teachers because they are blind to the truth that the best way to influence behaviour is to lead by example. Honours graduates of the same school mature into full blown bombastic ranters, who, despite thinking themselves knowledgeable and wise, are more often seen by others to be closed-minded zealots best avoided. Their destiny is to end up preaching only to the converted, which fits them well to being talk back ‘shock jocks’, political propagandists and religious moralists.
“From the point of view of morals, life seems to be divided into two periods: in the first we indulge, in the second we preach”

                                                                               – Will Durant
Channelling Sagittarius, let’s listen in on a typical conversation:   
[A] “You know that song Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

[B] “Of course, that was a number one hit.”

[A] [Said with an air of confident authority] “That was written by a Sag.” 

[B] “True?”

[A] “Honest. Couldn’t have been written by any other sign. 

[B] “How do you know?”

[A] “Look, everyone knows Sagittarius is the most happy-go-lucky sign in the zodiac, any astrology book will tell you that. In fact, I’m so sure about it that I’ll bare my arse in the middle of the street if it wasn’t, okay!”


Yes it’s true, Sagittarians can be the greatest know-alls around. They’ve been there and done that, but if on the off chance they haven’t, you can be sure they know someone who has, or at least that they’ve read about it somewhere. True. Honest to God. These are my Sagittarian words of honour.  
“Life is too important to be taken seriously” – Oscar Wilde
I know! Allow me to do a Sagittarius on you Sagittarius, and I’ll enlighten you forthwith. How about writing that book you’ve been talking about for what seems like forever. You know the one, your long touted autobiography, My Search For The Greatest High, because as God and all your friends well know, you’ve sure led an interesting life. If you can write as well as you talk, it’s bound to be a best seller. 
Or how about setting your sights even higher and set up as a Guru yourself? You’ve certainly read enough books and sat with enough masters to know the gig as well as anyone. And keep in mind too, that the business of ‘isness’ generates big bucks, believe you me. If you can pull it off, you need never work again. Now that’s an inspiring thought, is it not? Wow Sagittarius, the more I envision the possibility, the more excited I become on your behalf. In fact, I can see you in my mind’s eye right now telling tall tales and true to a captivated group of disciples who are convinced you are the real thing. Unreal hey! You’ll see it too when you believe it, believe me.

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