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Earth and Water 

Currently the planetary elemental set up is predominantly Earth and Water. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are in earthy Capricorn, whilst Mars and Jupiter are in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune are in Pisces. Following is an exploration of how planets in these elements may function
Earth and Water Amplified
The Earth Element – a planet in the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn is:


  • attuned to the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell

  • physical, sensuous, sensual

  • practical, pragmatic, methodical; slow, steady, precise; solid, grounded, reliable; respectful, responsible

  • is motivated by security needs, a concern to achieve status, social recognition

  • to contribute, make a difference, achieve excellence

  • to make the money to buy all the things money can buy, to live well, to relax and enjoy life

  • to have health, wealth and happiness 

  • to look good, beautiful, sexy; feel good, beautiful, sexy  

  • be a sucker for a pretty face, a ‘deal too good to refuse’; sell out, ‘sell it’s soul to the devil’ 

  • stick to the known, the safe and the familiar; lack spark, joy or vision

  • be boring, stubborn, possessive, controlling 

  • get stuck in a rut, in fixed routines; feel trapped, locked in, unable to see a way out  

  • question whether they are working to live or living to work; hold on, refuse to yield, let go, or give up

  • is a worrier – about money, about balancing the books, the future, etc

  • will work long and hard, with patience and determination to get what it wants –

  whether that be to master one hundred and one things such as cooking, play guitar, car repair, etc, or to conquer fear, desire, attachment; 

  or to achieve serenity, acceptance, peace of mind ..
The Water Element – a planet in the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces is:
– sensitive, subjective, emotional; irrational, non rational, mystical ..

  • private, secretive, silent .. wise, intuitive, psychic

  • caring, compassionate, understanding; deep, loving, devoted

  • protective, fearful, needy

  • changeable, moody, loony; fierce, chaotic, wild

  • filled with longing, difficult to express in words

  • will bond, merge, melt, dissolve

  • absorb, take on, identify; pity, sympathize, empathize

  • tumble, fall, descend, get to the bottom of things 

  • flood, erode, wear down, drown; go to water when the going gets tough, when the heat is on

  • lose direction, lack backbone, become a slave, an addict, a victim

  • sulk, suck, cry, panic, get paranoid

  • get stuck, trapped, stagnant; dark, smelly, shitty

  • remember, look back, live in the past

  • dream, imagine, fantasize

  • serve, heal, save, atone, redeem; nurture, comfort, protect

  • adapt, flow, release, let go; go with the flow

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