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Barnaby Joyce 

What Do The Stars Say About The Incipient Downfall of Barnaby Joyce?
Untimed Birth Chart – so disregard house positions
Transiting Lord of Karma Saturn is challenging his arrogant, hot-headed Mercury Saturn natal conjunction in Aries, he is having his Chiron Return in slippery, evasive Pisces, correlating with his pitiful abrogation of personal responsibility for the predicament he finds himself in, transiting shake-up-wake-up planet Uranus is activating his angry, hubristic T square alignment comprising Sun in Aries opposing Mars in Libra, with both squaring a focal Jupiter in emotional, family values Cancer, and finally, transiting Jupiter, planet of excess in sex and birth and death sign Scorpio is conjuncting his natal Neptune, planet of deception and dreams. In his case, the dream is turning into a nightmare!

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