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Mercury enters Pisces 18-2-2018

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, entered Pisces at 3 27 pm Feb 18 AEDT where it will reside until March 7. Here’s my take on how it may function when in that sign.
Pisces colours the mind of Mercury with imagination, feeling and vision. At best, it produces poets, artists, and visionary thinkers like the pioneering astrologer Dane Rudhyar and the French musician Serge Gainsbourg, and at worst it results in confused and subjective thinking overly influenced by the views of others. Analysis and discrimination are not this Mercury’s strong points, but intuitive insight, subtle perception, receptive listening, deep understanding and profound responsiveness to that which cannot be expressed in words, like symbolic imagery and soulful music, are real gifts that more than compensate. The duality of Pisces also expresses as self-pitying thoughts and passive absorption in escapist entertainment on the one hand, and creative expression dedicated to a higher cause or purpose on the other. Often too, there is a spiritual outlook that promotes an attitude of acceptance and surrender to whatever life brings. Those with this placement generally prefer to listen rather than take the lead in conversation, unless inspiration possesses them, in which case they can find it difficult to let others get a word in. Photography, painting, music, counselling, nursing, healing, and social work are common vocations which are typically pursued for their intrinsic worth rather than to make money.

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