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There are now 5 planets in Pisces, the oceanic sign, including it’s modern ruler Neptune, disposited by Jupiter, the traditional ruler of the sign, residing in Scorpio for most of 2018. So don’t be surprised if feelings and emotions are surging to the surface, accompanied by tears welling up from the deepest, darkest places within .. 

Here’s an amplification of how planets function in the waters signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
– sensitive, subjective, emotional; irrational, non rational, mystical ..

  • private, secretive, silent .. wise, intuitive, psychic

  • caring, compassionate, understanding; deep, loving, devoted

  • protective, fearful, needy

  • changeable, moody, loony; fierce, chaotic, wild

  • filled with longing, difficult to express in words

  • will bond, merge, melt, dissolve

  • absorb, take on, identify; pity, sympathize, empathize

  • tumble, fall, descend, get to the bottom of things 

  • flood, erode, wear down, drown; go to water when the going gets tough, when the heat is on

  • lose direction, lack backbone, become a slave, an addict, a victim

  • sulk, suck, cry, panic, get paranoid

  • get stuck, trapped, stagnant; dark, smelly, shitty

  • remember, look back, live in the past

  • dream, imagine, fantasize

  • serve, heal, save, atone, redeem; nurture, comfort, protect

  • adapt, flow, release, let go; go with the flow

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