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Neptune Rules

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is the dominant energy above and below at present. Venus conjuncted Neptune on Feb 22, Mercury did the same on Feb 25 and the Sun will do so on March 4. Here’s an amplification of the Neptunian archetype that I use when teaching Astrology. I am currently teaching 2 students on a one-on-one apprenticeship basis. Message me if you might be interested
– enchants, entrances, beguiles, glamorizes, romanticizes; refines, sensitizes, idealizes, spiritualizes

  • fantasises, dreams, lives in a dream world, in the world of imagination

  – sees visions, is a visionary, a poet e.g William Blake –

  ‘to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower’ or 

  ‘if the doors of perception were cleansed, we would see reality as it is .. infinite’ 

   e.g Martin Luther King “I have a dream ..” [Moon / Venus in Pisces]
– weaves the web of maya, of illusion; confuses, distorts, conceals; sees apparitions, hallucinates    

  • deceives / is easily deceived, self-deceives, sees what it wants to see

  • gets hurt, let down, disappointed, disillusioned .. may turn cynical, hard, embittered

  • serves, suffers, redeems, atones, gets crucified; victim / saviour / martyr syndrome

  cf Story of Jesus, prime myth of the Piscean Age
– cares, sympathizes, empathizes, takes on, identifies – esp. with pain, suffering, sadness
– escapes, evades; collapses, opts out; can’t cope, can’t keep it together 

  • becomes dependent, co-dependent, addicted; pathetic, parasitic, passive, unable to act
  • has difficulty drawing the line, defining boundaries – “just one more wouldn’t hurt, would it?”
  • has to ‘get out of it to get into it’, whether through drugs, meditation, nature, etc
  • lives for love, may become a slave to love, a love junkie, 

  cf the songs ‘Love is the drug’, ‘Addicted to love”, 

  cf the story of Tristan and Iseult

  • or a junkie plain and simple 

  • or a drunk – ‘thirsting for the spirit’, using drink to escape from pain

  • longs for a dream lover, a soul mate, for unconditional love;

  to be taken care of, to be looked after
– dives deep, gets lost, then may ‘freak out’ and go into panic
– doesn’t like to be defined or pinned down; likes to be free to ‘go with the flow’ 
– seeks spaces and places of magic and mystery


  • expresses through image, music, dance and poetry rather than words; 

  can be very creative and inspired
– takes life as a ‘lila’, as a play of the divine, is a natural mystic
– dissolves, melts, merges, disappears …. into silence

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