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Astro Update: Mercury and Venus sign shift from Pisces to Aries

Astro Update: Mercury and Venus sign shift from Pisces to Aries, Mercury at 6:34 pm this evening Tuesday Mar 6 AEDT, and Venus at 10:45 am Wednesday Mar 7 AEDT
Mercury will reside in Aries until May 13 when it will enter Taurus. During its extended period in Aries it will turn retrograde on Mar 23 at almost 17 degrees of Aries until it turns forward again on April 15 at almost 5 degrees of Aries. Here’s my take on how it may express in those born with this placement. 
Mercury in Aries thinks and talks quickly and decisively. And being ever ready to engage in argument and debate, it positively relishes an intellectual challenge. Its communicating style is forthright and assertive, and even outright aggressive in an all male context. Words are weapons for this Mercury, and suitably armed, it makes a powerful advocate for a cause, and at best can be an inspiring orator. Aries also gives Mercury an aptitude for original or futuristic thinking and spontaneous expression. Tact and sensitivity are not strong points, so don’t ask this straight-talker what it thinks if you can’t handle hearing the truth. In business, Aries Mercury people enjoy the challenge of meeting sales targets and are well suited to venture projects, where the big profits go to those willing to risk all on the ‘next big thing’. Negatively, they can turn every discussion into a competitive argument, and lack the ability to genuinely listen.
Venus will transit through Aries from Mar 7 until Mar 31. Here’s my take on how it may express in those born with this placement:
These passionate romantics are natural born hunters in the wilds of desire. For them, the thrill of the quest and its end game, conquest, is what gets their heart fires burning. Their courting style is to get straight to the point. No games, no bullshit. If you like me, show me; if you want me, take me! 
Fools for love, brave hearts all, their courage and daring may initially be seen as attractive and inspiring to potential partners, but in an established relationship, their ‘me-first’ attitude is likely to lead to arguments and blow-ups over issues of fairness and co-operation. Sparks and friction are inevitable, but in compensation, a relationship with them will never be boring. How long it lasts is another matter, for domesticity and routine are not their forte. To keep their heart fires burning, it’s essential to live at least a little dangerously. The odd daring adventure is a must.

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