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Brief Astro-Update Monday March 12 AEDT

Three personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars in fire signs, plus the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries at present. And to add to the sizzle and spark, Mars in Sagittarius harmoniously aligned with Uranus over the weekend, perfecting at 10:22 pm Sunday night. Did you take a walk on the wild side? Did the lure of freedom raise it’s enticing head and did you seize the moment and act out? Did a sudden urge for adventure inspire you to move beyond the known, the safe and the familiar to try something different, to take the road less travelled? Did you have a creative break through, or a social break out? Or did the Moon’s move into work oriented earth sign Capricorn on Saturday night and subsequent square to Mercury and conjunction with cautious, conservative Saturn on Sunday exercise a restraining influence and cause you to curb any radical impulses to action? Opportunity missed or merely postponed for a later date when finances permit?

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