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Brief March 31 Astro-Update

Big action in the heavens as the Sun in Aries opposes the Moon in Libra which becomes Full at 11:36 Pm Saturday night Mar 31 AEDT. This opposition is also part of a challenging T Square alignment with Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the central focal position.

This is a powerfully dynamic Cardinal signs alignment designed to force the release of pent up energy locked up in relationship forms and structures that have become old and rigid. It’s time to renegotiate commitments, pay the karmic dues and move forward.
Sun in Aries is impatient to strike out on new adventures and to turn himself on with deeds of danger and passion. The Moon, representing the feminine counterpart to the Aries Sun, being in Libra, the sign of Justice, wants to discuss and negotiate a fair and reasonable win win outcome for Aries typically self-oriented actions. Mars working alongside Saturn in Capricorn is in a powerful position to direct and control the course of events with a view to achieving long term goals and hard earned success. With Saturn dignified and Mars exalted in Capricorn, the traditional view of these two being a difficult or negative or malefic combination may well not apply.
And helpfully, Venus entering sensual, pleasure loving Taurus just hours before the Moon is Full will balance out the driven, highly motivated activity of the Cardinal T Square with many moments of chilled out rest, relaxation and enjoyment. A-h-h ..


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