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Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn is perfecting at 1:44 am Tuesday April 3 AEDT
With Saturn dignified and Mars exalted in Capricorn, the traditional view of these two being a difficult, negative or even malefic combination may well not apply. On that point, here’s an amplification of how Mars and Saturn in combination may manifest.
Images and Metaphors
– driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake

  • banging your head against a brick wall

  • a teen-ager arguing with a parent

  • a military parade; a martial arts demonstration

  • turtle beating the hare
    Negative Manifestations

  • hard labour; doing it the hard way; stress, frustration, wear and tear

  • self-defeating action; self sabotage; unconsciousness

  • fear of taking action, of getting it wrong, making a mistake, failure or rejection;

paralysis of will, hesitancy; stop/start

  • over or under assertion; explosion = anger, rage, violence ..

implosion = impotence, inadequacy, failure, resignation, breakdown ..

  • blocked energy; impeded movement; delayed gratification; frustrated desire;

lack of progress or achievement
Positive Manifestations
– contained energy; bounded desire; voluntary restraint; appropriate caution

  • structured-disciplined-focused action or movement

  • considered-precise-intelligent-effective action

  • long term strategy

  • leadership, authority, responsibility, respect, wisdom, awareness

  • good timing based on experience; ‘there’s a time to push forward and a time to retreat’

  • ‘neither make haste nor postpone’; the ‘longest way around is the shortest way there’

  • working smarter rather than harder; economy of movement; effort without stress

  • ergonomic design

  • energy conservation, sex without ejaculation, retention of semen

  • patience, endurance, acceptance of what is, of how things are, of limits

  • success in mature age; well earned success

  • lasting achievement

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