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Brief Astro-Update Moonday April 16: ARIES RULES Ready, Set, Go!

The Moon is now New {at 11:57 am] and Mercury has turned direct, [at 7:20 pm Sunday April 15 AEST] both in the fast moving, direct action sign of Aries. And tomorrow, Tuesday April 17 at 6:09 pm AEST, the maverick, hard to classify, bridge building, wounded healer [are there any other sort?] planetoid Chiron moves out of Pisces and into Aries. Time to release and reframe ancient wounds that have risen to the surface from the oceanic depths of Pisces and create new empowering stories to inspire another round of our very own Hero’s Journey. The Call is now out for all humans of good and noble heart to become spiritual warriors who are willing and able to do what it takes to heal and protect our home planet Earth!

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