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Frida Kahlo

Here’s the chart, with a few brief interpretive comments of FRIDA KAHLO to go with the video bio I just posted
Leo Rising 

= a flamboyant larger-than-life personality who led a mythic life, whose legendary stature only continues to grow with the passing of time. cf “What a novel my life is” – Napoleon, Sun sign Leo
Sun conjunct Neptune in Cancer 

= her inspired creativity, charismatic presence, and immense oceanic suffering, both emotional and physical. 
Idealized father; plus this symbolizes her talented but chronically unfaithful lover Diego Rivera
Venus conjunct Pluto in Gemini 

= her intensely passionate love life, dark beauty and multi-faceted artistic brilliance

Mars conjunct Uranus in Capricorn opposing Sun conjunct Neptune in Cancer
= stubborn, willful, rebellious, oppositionally defiant, independent; uniquely personal expression in art and fashion

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