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A Dark Taurus / Scorpio Full Moon

This is a very ‘dark’ and potent Scorpio Full Moon because it is occurring while both rulers of the sign, war god Mars and death god Pluto are joined together, and Pluto is stationary, hence enhancing it’s power. Pluto is the dark Lord of the Underworld, wherein lie unresolved complexes that sabotage the attainment of the Sunlit Taurean virtues of calm and serenity. What price inner peace? Karmic Time Lord Saturn, dignified in it’s home sign Capricorn, and aligning harmoniously with both Sun and Moon at peak amplitude, is standing guard to ensure that karmic debts to self and other are repaid in a timely manner, and that cosmic justice prevails, that we reap what we have sown.

Pluto Amplified
– heals, cleanses, purifies; transforms, transmutes – frogs into princes, an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, jekyll into hyde, a caterpillar into a butterfly, a scorpion into an eagle, sex into love, happiness into bliss, poison into nectar, turmoil into peace, attachment into freedom ..

  • renews – as a snake sheds its skin, as the phoenix rises from the ashes of it’s own destruction 

  • rejuvenates – as in taoist sexual practices

  • births, rebirths; gives rise to a second birth, a spiritual birth


  • descends, gets to the bottom of things, digs deep, reveals what’s in the closet, the basement

  • penetrates, probes, has ‘x ray vision’ – is a ‘psychic detective’, a psychic, a therapist

  • cuts through bullshit, lies, protections, defences, fears, strategies, games, evasions 

  • cuts through to the core, to the heart of an issue, to the guts of it

  • cuts out the diseased, strips away all that has outlived its use-by date

  • strips off, stands naked, bares it all, the naked truth; tells it like it is, warts and all

  • kills, destroys, eliminates, obliterates, annihilates, ends, completes, finishes 

  • rapes – cf the myth of Persephone; 

  • shames, humiliates, persecutes, dictates, dominates, power trips

  • despoils, infests, infects – esp.sexually transmitted diseases, e.g AIDS; 

  • lacks trust, withholds, festers, stinks; hates, resents, poisons, stings, plays dirty

  • uses money or sex to seduce and manipulate, to pull the strings behind the scenes,

  to buy people – ‘name your price, money is no obstacle’, to use people, 

  to make ‘indecent proposals’, to make a pact with the devil
– burns away attachment, ego, hubris, through the ‘no way out’ experience – 

  through experiences of being unable to accept or let go, e.g custody battles, love triangles, 

  through the ordeals of envy, guilt, rage and revenge; betrayal, jealousy, sickness and death

  • purifies and strengthens through experiences of extreme pain, suffering and despair –

  ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger’, 

  shows you what you’ve got when you’ve got nothing, 

  shows you who you really are when everything you hold most precious is taken away from you 

  • in the quest for revenge or justice never gives up, ‘even if it kills me’
  • weaves the web of fate; entraps, like a fly caught in the spider’s web; ‘the venus fly trap’

  • the primal experience of hunting and being hunted

  • is both attracted to and repelled by that which is hidden, forbidden, taboo; ugly, rejected, evil

  • is fascinated by mysteries, the occult, esoteric knowledge, death; ghosts, poltergeists, ufo’s, etc 

  • is sex centered – maybe obsessed, driven, voracious, insatiable 

  • is relentless, challenging, demanding, powerful, intense; intolerant of weakness in self or other 
  • fearless, courageous, gutsy; authentic, real, honest, truthful

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