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The Wisdom of Insecurity

With Uranus, planet of revolution and sudden, unpredictable events, such as an electricity blackout or a Fukushima nuclear wipeout, about to enter the fixed earth sign of Taurus, a sign that craves security, stability and reliability, it’s time to learn the wisdom of insecurity in order to flourish in the tumultuous, uncertain times that lie ahead. 
Note: The Wisdom of Insecurity is the title of a book by the Zen sage Alan Watts first published in 1951. Here’s a brief review by Sanjay Gautam
“Any system approaching perfect self control is also approaching self frustration. Such a system is a vicious circle, and has the same logical structure as a statement which states something about itself, for example, “I am lying”, when it is implied that the statement itself is a lie. The statement circulates forever, since it is true to the extent that it is false, and false to the extent that it is true. In other words: I can’t throw a pebble so long as I am holding on to it- so as to maintain perfect control of its movement. The desire for perfect control, of the environment and of oneself, is based on a profound mistrust of the controller. Ignorance is the failure to see the basic self contradiction of this position – from which arises a futile grasping or controlling of life which is self frustration, and the pattern of life a vicious circle. Search for security is the fundamental problem from which arises our insecurity.”
M. Scott Peck, author of the The Road Less Travelled, a Sun sign Gemini with money planet Venus in Taurus, reinforces the point in this quote: “Great security is an illusion. Life is an inherently insecure business .. The only real security in life is relishing life’s insecurity .. Savings are a security, yet enough of them is never enough – at least when chasing the illusion of total security.”

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