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Sun into Gemini

The Sun moves into Gemini today, May 21 AEST. Here’s a favorite quote from Chuang Tzu that provides a humorous counter point to the Gemini tendency to talk .. a lot! After all, the sign is ruled by Mercury the messenger of the gods, the planet of mind and communication. 
“Where can I find a man who has transcended words. I would like to have a word with him.”
Here’s an excerpt from Fench existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre’s autobiography Words to give the pure taste of the Gemini love of conversation. It is from a letter to a ‘contingent’ woman in his life, Louise Vedrine, and recounts the events of a happy evening with Beaver, his intimate name for Simone de Beauvoir: 
“Toward evening we had an immense philosophical conversation in which you were intimately involved. First I explained to the Beaver the new method I had used to tell you about my life, and, one thing leading to another, we argued about the value of psycho-analytical-Marxist-historical explanations of a guy’s life and their relationship to freedom. Then, still talking away, we had dinner by the Vieux-Port .. and kept on talking. I told her that Levy [Raoul Levy, an historian, and former student of Sartre] would say, “A person never knows what he’s doing,” and that you and I didn’t share that opinion. But she brought me back to my senses, showing me that it was Levy who was right .. It grew dark .. and we talked about philosophic reality and we became existential and I looked at an illuminated ad on the opposite sidewalk, and I perceived it as existential. And then we went to bed, completely blissful, heads still full of words.”

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