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Grand Water Trine 

Understanding the current Grand Water Trine
Venus in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio at 12:26 am, and then trines Neptune in Pisces at 6:25 pm on Saturday June 2 AEST
Here’s a riff on the element of water. Note the flowing connections between the personal love planet Venus, and the expansive planet of fortune Jupiter, both known as the ‘benefics’ in traditional astrology, and higher love planet Neptune, strong in it’s own sign, is likely to bring out the more positive qualities of water, but I list both positive and negative manifestations for the sake of completeness.
The Element of Water – a planet in the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces is likely to be
– sensitive, subjective, emotional; irrational, non rational, mystical ..
– private, secretive, silent .. wise, intuitive, psychic
– caring, compassionate, understanding; deep, loving, devoted
– protective, fearful, needy
– changeable, moody, loony; fierce, chaotic, wild
– filled with longing, difficult to express in words
– will bond, merge, melt, dissolve
– absorb, take on, identify; pity, sympathize, empathize
– tumble, fall, descend, get to the bottom of things 
– flood, erode, wear down, drown; go to water when the going gets tough, when the heat is on
– lose direction, lack backbone, become a slave, an addict, a victim
– sulk, suck, cry, panic, get paranoid
– get stuck, trapped, stagnant; dark, smelly, shitty
– remember, look back, live in the past
– dream, imagine, fantasize
– serve, heal, save, atone, redeem; nurture, comfort, protect
– adapt, flow, release, let go; go with the flow

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