A heavily Saturn influenced Capricorn Full Moon

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Here’s an amplification of the Saturn planetary archetype to deepen understanding of the current Saturn influenced Capricorn Full Moon. 
Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn
– the Lord of Karma – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’
– the Grim Reaper – rules over time in sequence and duration, chronological time, ‘Old Father Time’
– the Father Principle; plays the father role, disciplines, issues orders, lays down the law
  – instructs on the basis of precedent, custom, tradition, long experience
– insists on things being done correctly, in accord with proper procedure, in the proper manner, in accord with the formal requirements of ritual and ceremony
– like a fine wine, matures, gets better with age
– ‘old when young, young when old’
– “It takes a long time to become young” – Picasso
  – endures, persists, gets the job done, ‘the problem is the path’


  – commits, marries, sees things through, completes
  – contains – [the skin] supports – [the skeleton] 
  – focuses, consolidates, concentrates, conserves, retains, stabilizes, crystallizes


  – draws boundaries, gives form and definition, as the banks define the river
    – limits, constricts, restricts
  – delays, tests, inhibits, frustrates 
  – criticizes, condemns
  – hardens, chills, freezes


  – contracts, withdraws, withholds


  – closes, clenches, tightens, holds on
  – gets depressed, heavy, burdened, tense, afraid, melancholic;   
– becomes trapped in the past, in repetitious limiting patterns and stories, in automatic reactions based on past experience


 – proceeds slowly, carefully, respectfully, mindfully, consciously; with presence, awareness, stillness, e.g Vipassana walk, Zen tea ceremony, making love Barry Long style ..
  – lives life in truth, at one with that which is 
– takes responsibility, doesn’t complain
  – values loyalty, experience, things that last over time; the family name, continuing the family line 
  – is concerned about the world the children will inherit, and the values they will live by

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