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Full Moon Capricorn: The problem is the pathToday’s June 28 Full Moon is heavily coloured by Saturn, the Lord of Karma. Strong in its own sign, it is conjunct the Capricorn Moon and opposing the Sun in Cancer. Saturn slows things down so we can face and work through long standing or chronic issues. (Saturn was called Chronos in Greek mythology.) Saturn is the force of gravity and brings things down to earth. He rules over time in sequence and duration and is associated with 7 year cycles, the maturation process, and old age in particular. Questions of timing are likely to be constellated. Time is money as the saying goes. As Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and Capricorn that of the Father, long standing family issues may need to be addressed at this time. Especially when both the Sun and the Moon are being squared by Chiron the wounded healer who tends to bring about repetitive healing crises.”Love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing.””All in its own good time””There is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven”To finish on an uplifting note, here’s an excellent take on the meaning of Karma that synchronistically came through this morning by astrologer Mark Borax.”Karma generally gets a bad rap. In fact, when most people hear the word they reflexively attach the word bad to it, as if there couldn’t be any other kind. But karma is one of the greatest blessings spirit gave to humankind, because itprovides a way for you to embody. It’s neither good or bad, but just is. Karma is to the soul what gravity is to the body: designed to lure our full magical multidimensional nature all the way down into being. And the only way to change our world, which is in dire need of change, is for you to show up as the fully real, fully magical, multidimensional being that you are.The purpose of karma is not to punish you for sins committed in a past life, but to invite your fullest presence and participation in the physical plane by requiring you to show up in the very places you’ve had the most trouble showing up in life after life.The main karmic principle at work in this embodiment process is that your greatest difficulties in becoming present provide your greatest opportunity. Wherein lies your severest dysfunction also lies your greatest ability for transformation. The kind of presence you gain when you transmute karma earns you the greatest freedom available to human beings.But there is a principle that must be recognized: the moment you create the intention to transform your shadow, it begins dramatizing itself, thereby illustrating precisely what it is that you’ve got to transform. It’s easy to get blindsided by this and succumb to negative judgment rather than recognizethe dramatic rerun as the universe responding to your intention by dumping a blob of clay on your potter’s wheel. This is the Paradox of Karma ~ you can’t get out ’til you get in. When you gain a theoretical awareness of whatever dark chunk of your own existence you most wish to change, it starts as an idea. To make it real you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and begin digging into the goopy clay to make something new of the old mess. You’ve got to gain a sculptural awareness that enables you to transform karma to grace. Your karma is the one lover in the universe who will never abandon you. Your karma says, “She didn’t get this lesson in 17th Century Scotland. He didn’t get that lesson in 19th Century France. But guess what? Right here night now I’m going to give him one more chance to get the lesson and transform into the splendid being that we all know he really is.”

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