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Grand Water Trine

Last day of the poetry in motion Grand Water Trine comprising Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. To mark that here’s a repost of my take on the Element of Water. Note this harmonious alignment is likely to bring out the higher vibrational qualities of the water element.
The Element of Water 
A planet in the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces is likely to be
– sensitive, subjective, emotional
– irrational, non-rational
– un-fathomable, unknowable, mysterious
– mystical ..
– private, secretive, internal
– introspective, reflective, silent .. 
– wise, intuitive, psychic
– caring, compassionate, kind
– deep, loving, devoted
– protective of self, family, and loved ones
– fearful, anxious, vulnerable 
– suspicious, mistrustful, paranoid
– changeable, moody, loony
– fierce, chaotic, wild
– filled with longing, yearning
– will bond, merge, melt
– absorb, take on, take pity
– sympathize, empathize, understand
– tumble, fall, descend, seek the lowest place
– penetrate, get to the bottom of things
 – insinuate, infiltrate 
– flood, erode, wear down
– go with the flow, accept, surrender
– go to water when the going gets tough, when the heat is on
– lack focus, structure, or direction; have boundary issues
– get overwhelmed, give up, drown
– become a slave, an addict, a victim
– sulk, suck, cry, panic, lose it
– get stuck, trapped, stagnant; dark, smelly, shitty
– remember, look back, live in the past
– dream, imagine, fantasize
– save, atone, redeem
– heal, comfort, nurture, serve
– adapt, release, let go

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