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Astro-Update: The Libra / Aries Full Moon. Exact at 12:52 pm Tuesday September 25 AEST

This is a Saturnian Full Moon with both the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries being squared by old father time Saturn from his home sign of Capricorn. This suggests delays, blockage and frustration for sociable Libra and hot-to-trot Aries. Imagine a wise elder counseling two fun loving energetic teenagers to make haste slowly because “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll.” Wounded healer Chiron also features strongly in the mix, conjoining the Moon and opposing the Sun. The way forward is the way in is the way through. No spiritual bypassing allowed. Unhealed family wounds may rear their all-too-familiar ugly head, but kissing the metaphorical ugly frog may result in healing breakthroughs via the flowing trine alignment from Saturn to radical change agent Uranus in Taurus. The latter’s touch of revelatory earth magic may also produce rapid healing of ancient wounds. And Mars in Aquarius flowing with the Sun and Moon will boost energy, drive and motivation to overcome any and all obstacles.

Saturn Amplified

  • the Lord of Karma – ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’; actions have consequences; the karmic chain

  • the Grim Reaper- rules over time in sequence and duration, chronological time, ‘Old Father Time’

  • the Father Principle; plays the father role, visits the sins of the father on the sons

  • disciplines, punishes, issues orders, lays down the law

  • instructs – on the basis of precedent, custom, tradition

  • insists on things being done correctly, in accord with proper procedure, in the proper manner; according to convention, according to the rules, as they have always been done; in accord with the formal requirements of ritual, of ceremony

  • matures with age – ‘old when young, young when old’ – or becomes crushed, defeated, embittered

Positive Expression

  • endures, persists, overcomes obstacles, gets the job done

  • commits, marries, sees things through to the end, completes

  • contains – [the skin] supports – [the skeleton]

  • focuses, consolidates, concentrates, conserves, retains, stabilizes, crystallizes

  • draws boundaries, gives definition

Negative Expression

  • limits, constricts, restricts

  • delays, tests, inhibits, frustrates

  • criticizes, condemns

  • hardens, chills, freezes

  • contracts, withdraws, withholds

  • closes, clenches, tightens, holds on

  • gets depressed, heavy, burdened; tense, afraid, melancholic; trapped in the past, in repetitious limiting patterns and stories, in automatic reactions based on past situations

Mature Expression

  • proceeds slowly, carefully, respectfully, mindfully, consciously; with presence, awareness, stillness, e.g Vipassana walk, Zen tea ceremony, making love Barry Long style ..

  • lives life in truth, at one with that which is

  • takes responsibility, doesn’t complain

  • values loyalty, experience, things that last over time; the family name, continuing the family line

  • is concerned about the world the children will inherit, and the values they will live by

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