Can We Transcend Our Charts?


My first response to this question is to ask, why would you want to? It’s not as if our birth chart limits us in any way. It simply indicates what kind of ‘seed’ we are. Looking at the chart maybe compared to looking at the picture on the front of a seed packet. You can see from the picture what the seed is ‘meant to’ grow into and become, whether that be an acorn developing into a fully grown oak tree, or a newborn child realizing its destiny to become an astrologer or a buddha, an awakened one, whatever the case maybe.

The chart also indicates the kind of cultivation that will assist the seed to flower, the tests and challenges likely to be met on the way, and also when these are likely to occur. What a wonderful guide map to have on the journey! So why would you want to transcend it?

Perhaps you feel you are ‘born under a bad sign’. But there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ chart or a ‘bad’ sign, nor is one sign better than another. Is a gum tree better than an oak tree? For certain purposes that could well be so, or as an aesthetic preference in the same way that we all have our favourite star signs, but this implies no absolute standard or basis of comparison.

However, although there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ sign or a ‘bad’ chart, equally there is no doubt that some charts, some lives, are more difficult than others. Hence the leading question.

In response I would say that just as the seed of a gum tree may flower into a magnificent fully grown tree, overcoming obstacles such as lack of rain, poor soil, etc, so may a Capricorn born with the Sun in hard aspect to Saturn say, overcome a childhood of parental oppression and flower into an individual who is happy with his lot in life, capable of defining success according to his own autonomous values, and not live his life in conformity to, or rebellion against, his parental inheritance. One could confidently predict though, that this would not be easy and would only be achieved, if at all, after many trials and tribulations. And I would say that our hypothetical successful Capricorn has not transcended his chart but rather fulfilled it. He has attained to the higher potential indicated therein.

Everything in our charts needs to be accepted, perhaps especially the difficult parts. There is no getting away from them anyway. We cannot change our charts but we can manifest them at a higher or lower level. We can attain a higher level by shifting the centre of personality from the ego to the Self, that central point in the psyche that orchestrates the unfolding of our destiny, which is both the source and goal of the drive to become ourselves.

In the first phase of life, the task of the ego is to establish itself as a separate individual. This is a truly heroic journey that all of us must undertake if we are to have successful relationships and fulfilling lives in society. The task of the second phase of life is for the ego to reverse this process and consciously return to the Self. Then we return to the place we began and know it for the first time. We become what we always were.


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