Readings with Varij

Varij blends intelligence, compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to provide clear, positive and accurate guidance. Astrology gives him the big picture of your life, and Tarot enables him to zero in on the specifics of any situation or concern.

Varij is clairvoyant in the sense that he is a clear seer. Fundamentally, he functions like a mirror to reflect you back to yourself, and like a mirror, he does not judge, spin or deceive. He provides insight into your karmic past, present concerns, and future direction with soul, depth, wit and wisdom. Be aware, though, this is not fortune telling. Rather, what Varij offers is profound, yet practical spiritual guidance.

Detailed Overview of what you can expect to get from a reading

The big picture story of your soul’s journey. We are here to learn, evolve and grow. Discover your karmic lessons and blessings and your soul’s contract for this lifetime.

Insight into what the future has in store, and guidance on how to capitalize on opportunities coming your way, as well as ways to cope with any challenges that may lie ahead

Love and Relationship:earth in shape of heart

A description of your inner man or woman

An outline of your unique individual relationship profile, and the kind of partner who would best fulfil you.

The best times to find love, or to spice up an existing relationship.

If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, clarification of what’s really going on and suggestions on what course of action would best support your personal growth.

Vocation: Greater awareness of your unique gifts and talents, and help in finding your true purpose or vocation in life.

Career: For those considering a change of career, Varij can reveal what work you are best suited to, and the best time to make the change. He can also tell you the best times to seek a pay rise or promotion, start or expand your own business, or sign an important contract and so on.

Astro-Cartography: Detailed mapping of the best places on the planet to find love, career success, spiritual growth, health, etc, using the astrological technique of Astro-Cartography. This could be of especial interest to travellers, or those considering moving interstate or overseas.

Insight into the underlying causes of health problems, how long they might last, and positive strategies to optimize health and well being.

Children: Varij does readings for children from birth onwards. Discover their key personality traits and talents, their major life lessons, and how you as a parent can best assist them on their journey. He identifies family patterns, and illuminates the karmic connections between parents, siblings and child. Many parents have testified years later how helpful and accurate readings of their children were.

Transformational Astrology Group: Temple Byron, every Thursday night, from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

This is an ongoing group, open to all.  If you are seeking insight into a pressing life issue, or simply want to check in for a personal or collective astrological tune-up, then this group is for you.   Participants are asked to come with a willingness to share themselves, safe in the knowledge that personal boundaries and privacy concerns will be respected.  In this way astrological understanding is grounded in lived experience.


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