Temple Byron Astrology Group Review
“As a first time visitor to the group I was pleasantly surprised by both the splendour of the location within a large, magnificently decorated yurt set in gardens of palpable peacefulness and the highly conscious nature of the evening’s procedures.
Varij first displayed the astrology chart of the present moment on a big screen and explained what energies are currently at play. He then showed each person’s chart and discussed how the current energies affected them. He allowed and moderated the ensuing discussions to allow everyone to have a say in an appropriate manner.
I learnt a lot about how the current energies manifest for different people and later realised that what I had said during the group was a clue as to my currently unconscious thoughts and opinions. They then came into full consciousness and have allowed me to know exactly what I want and need. This is highly unusual for me and I am hoping knowing this will allow the right things to happen and for my life to become even more wonderful. So thank you Varij, I’ll be there next week with bells on.”