Yuti Review of the Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group

“There is an experientially spontaneous magic of intimacy which arises from a shared exploration of current astrological aspects intertwining our lives and consciousness (and often our unconsciousness) sweetly guided by Varij at the Temple Byron on Thursday Evenings from 6.30 pm to 9:15 pm.

Even Varij does not know ahead of time who will arrive and what will move him in his channelling of expressive words guiding his own soul, as well as all those present, into the richly intricate moment of now. This is achieved through Varij’s familiarity for so many years of astrological perspectives.

One’s own blind spot/s may be suddenly seen with ease and grace, or a sense of pure relief. This can help us to go with the current flow of energy affecting our way of being, thinking or feeling.

Varij has a great command of the deep understanding of astrological patterns and influences and allows that knowledge to lead whoever is present….. into a practical revelation or confirmation.”