Peter Floyd 

Hi Everyone, recently Helen and I had our Astrological and Tarot card reading from a man called Varij an astrologer based in Byron Bay on the recommendation of our dear friend Darpan.
We both found Varij to be authentic, transparent and very accurate pertaining to both our present inner realities and aspirations for next year. We thought he may be a blessing for you as we approach 2014. Below is Darpans recommendation pertaining to this wonderful man.
Hello everyone,
I’m writing in support of, and to recommend my friend and personal Astrologer/Tarot reader of 30 years standing, Varij. I have received many readings from him over the years to do with love, relating and compatibility; parenting and co-parenting; planning the best times and places for events and groups; and just to get a general, big picture planetary weather report of current events and what lies ahead. His readings have consistently illuminated my presenting situation, clarified my own intuitive perceptions, and reliably assisted me to chart the best way forward for the highest good of all concerned.
He does personal, Skype and telephone readings.
If this is of interest to you, his contact details are
[ph] 0409 181 526
[from outside Australia] 61 409 181 526

[skype name varij9]

[mail] varidium@gmail.com

[website] http://www.byronbayastrologer.com.au

And for those who are unaware of Darpan- The man Darpan is a neo-shaman urban mystic. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts-powerful sound healing seminars- and shamanic retreats that are beyond words! He is a living synthesis of his teachings and is an inspirational speaker and fabulous gifted musician.
May deep peace and ever evolving consciousness awareness be your state as you approach 2014 and beyond.
Cheers Pete and Helen 

‘Varij is a most insightful astrologer/counsellor. If you are lacking inspiration or direction I can’t recommend him highly enough.’ – Donna Duggan, former Editor Well Being magazine.

“Varij has an incredible ability to balance the art and science of Astrology with his strong intuition to give you a reading that is both insightful and entertaining. I have benefited greatly from my sessions with him as he is someone who can go deep, and the insights and learning about yourself and others can be so profound. Varij’s strong passion for Astrology and the healing arts also makes his group astrology classes so much fun.”

Sarita Natural Therapist and CEO of Byron Bay Tea Company

‘Thank you for another wonderful reading. You are so very much an inspiration to me, and always make me feel so positive about my life and what is to come. It’s freaky how accurate you’ve been in the past.’ – Jenny (regular client), 60, small business owner.

‘Thank you Varij, for your integrity, compassion and wisdom. I was mightily impressed with your observations. Really, I am very grateful.’ – Sally, 56, singer/musician
“I found your session incredibly uplifting, affirming and inspiring. You showed me the possibilities that await me if I can stick to my guns and be true to myself.’ – Jaz, 32, website designer.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. So far everything you said was going to happen has fallen into place. More importantly, the guidance you gave me was really useful in the events that did occur.’ – Denise, 42, office worker.

‘Thank you for all your wonderful, sage gifts of insights about me and my life. They have had a considerable impact and I have reflected many times on the message they conveyed.’ –  Melinda, 40, marketing consultant.

‘Thank you for the wonderful reading. It has helped me view myself more honestly and to take bigger steps on my journey of self-development and understanding. It has certainly opened my eyes and my heart again. It was a very special session.’ – Simone, 31, insurance agent.

‘You gave our daughter a reading shortly after she was born. We found the tape when she was 15 and were amazed at how accurate and appropriate your advice was’ – Andy, 56, musician.

Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group Testimonials

July 9 2015: Anna Gatsios: Varij’s Thursday night astrology group has been my most favourite thing to do in Byron Bay since I moved to the area 6 yrs ago.  At first, with just a mild interest in astrology, I went along to meet new people & establish connections in the area.  But I very quickly got hooked with how much truth was reflected at these evenings, enabling deep connections and friendships to form.  I was surprised how easy I was picking up learnings not only about astrology, but about myself and my partner.  Varij’s skilful use of astrology as a transformational tool has enabled my partner and I to gain a deeper understanding & acceptance of each other’s uniqueness, our dynamics & our individual journeys through life.  Varij’s ability to distill what is happening in the sky each week and provide insights on a macro & micro level, has enabled in me a greater surrender to life’s flow, and an awe-inspiring understanding of just how intricately complex & magical this universe is in it’s miraculous design.  Knowing that challenging energies are coming at you for a period of time, gives you the strength to move though them with some ease knowing there is an end in sight!

I experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation 2 yrs ago, I thought I was “loosing it”, and Varij was the first person to pick this up in my chart and explain to me that the craziness I was experiencing was expected!  If I had not gone to his astrology group that night … I probably would have ended up in a mental ward!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, FOR YOUR VERY IMPORTANT WORK  🙂
 Janice Rose, May 28 2015: “It had been a long time, so off I went to see Varij. He took one look at my chart and spoke 3 sentences. Those words led me directly to the deepest core of my heart, and I have stayed there ever since. My life literally changed that night and the new love for myself is an experience that will last a lifetime. Deepest gratitude Varij.

James Morau, June 4 2015: “As a first time visitor to the group I was pleasantly surprised by both the splendour of the location within a large, magnificently decorated yurt set in gardens of palpable peacefulness and the highly conscious nature of the evening’s procedures. Varij first displayed the astrology chart of the present moment on a big screen and explained what energies are currently at play. He then showed each person’s chart and discussed how the current energies affected them. He allowed and moderated the ensuing discussions to allow everyone to have a say in an appropriate manner.
I learnt a lot about how the current energies manifest for different people and later realised that what I had said during the group was a clue as to my currently unconscious thoughts and opinions. They then came into full consciousness and have allowed me to know exactly what I want and need. This is highly unusual for me and I am hoping knowing this will allow the right things to happen and for my life to become even more wonderful. So thank you Varij, I’ll be there next week with bells on.”
Janice Lee Gilmour, June 11, 2015: “Thanks Varij for a great evening of information and laughter. It was light hearted and simultaneously deep for both Cassundra and I. Am ever appreciative of the platform of sharing that you create… being touched by the personal and collective intimacy’s that get unpacked.” – Janice Lee Gilmour, Artist and Healer

Varij Books Testimonials
Veronica: Varij I so enjoyed The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods. I have shared it with a couple of friends who are very interested in astrology, and we all enjoyed your sense of humour and your delightful way of describing the planets. Only one thing I would like to see is the symbols for each planet as I love shapes.

Your chart interpretation was spot-on, it gave me a great insight, and thank you for the update with the heavens at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Christine 14th July, 2015.

    Varij – Thank you so much for your reading you did for me. I could not believe the attention to detail you delivered together with a comprehensive report which must of taken a lot of time an effort. You have a great depth to you of knowledge and compassion and you are a great mirror which enabled me to see things I would have not noticed without your reading. Your books “The planets Speak” and “signs of the Zodiac” are an amazing read which I highly recommend to anyone with or without an interest in the stars.
    I will be keeping in touch via your facebook page and website as they have tons of great information. Thank you once again.


  2. Varij is a great tutor and coach, very friendly and easy-going.
    I had one-to-one Skype sessions with Varij for 3 months, they gave me a great deal of support and inspiration. Those were turbulent times and Varij helped me to cope with the challenges. He has an amazing ability to tune into your prevailing energy and boost it, thus helping your inner strength arise. Varij showed me a helicopter picture of the situations and helped to see where I was going and why. As above – so below, as Varij says, and it is exactly true in our everyday lives.
    I felt inspired and filled after every session and I am very grateful to Varij for his valuable support.
    As for the readings he did for me they were always informative, full of humour and exact examples. His chart interpretations were deep and gave me many insights.

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